Sweet Almond Repair Natural Lip Balm


5.5 ml lip tube / 0.19 fl.oz

Sweet Almond Repair Natural Lip Balm
Repair Sweet almond Natural Lip Balm seals in moisture, softens and conditions dry, chapped lips with the miracle of sun bleached beeswax. With two botanical butters (cocoa, and shea), it’s the lip balm for every season. To make your lips soft, supple and luscious, use this treatment for chapped lips. Apply this lip balm onto your lips whenever you feel they are dry.
Ingredients: Sweet Almond Oil, beeswax, cocoa butter, shea butter, tea tree and lemon essential oil, vitamin E.
You will notice that the combination of these two essential oils, tea tree and lemon, results in a vibrant fragrance.

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Product Description

Almond Oil for Face and Skin Care
Almond oil is packed with antioxidants, high in vitamins E, A, D and B, contains protein, essential minerals and healthy fats as well. It is also rich in oleic and linoleic acids. Due to its high nutrient-contents, this oil is used as a skin care product. It is used not only for skin and face care, but also as a medicinal oil and for treating some skin disorders.
Almond Oil To Make Your Skin Young And Healthy: Vitamins A, B and E are essential to keep your skin, young and supple. Most big brand skin care products contain these vitamins. Sweet almond oil is naturally rich in having these vitamins and other skin-friendly nutrients in abundance. Moreover, pure almond oil keeps your skin moisturized. Being noncomedogenic, and medium-light non greasy lubricant, it gets into your skin easily without blocking skin pores. This versatile natural oil for skin care provide following skin benefits and helps to:

(i) Cleanse the skin.

(ii) Enrich complexion and preserve glow.

(iii) Moisturize naturally deep into skin.

(iv) Ease skin irritation and skin inflammation.

(v) Prevent dry, flaky and irritated skin. When applied on oily skin in little quantity, it balances the complexion.

(vi) Nurture skin, making it supple, smoother and softer.

(vii) Treat chapped lips and body rashes.

(viii) Delay the signs of skin aging.

Almond Oil As Sun Protector: Sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays can cause wrinkles, sunburn, skin aging and skin cancer. Using almond oil is a natural way of protecting your skin from UV rays. It has been found that applying almond oil does not only protect skin, but can also reverse damage that might have already happened. Moreover, this oil also slows down the skin’s aging process.


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